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5 Reasons Dental Veneers May Be Right for You

5 Reasons Dental Veneers May Be Right for You

Your smile greets the world, and you want to be sending a message of vitality, health, and warmth. Unfortunately, imperfections in your teeth can stand in the way of a winning, confident smile, preventing you from getting the right message across.

Since few of us have naturally perfect teeth, we’ve learned how to overcome many common hurdles through cosmetic dentistry. From crooked teeth to discolored teeth, Dr. Minal Patel and the team here at Park Place Smiles provide the services you need to give you a smile that dazzles. 

A great example of what we can accomplish are dental veneers, which can improve your smile in many different ways, five of which we review below.

Dental veneers at a glance

Before we get into the smile benefits of dental veneers, let’s quickly review how they work. Dental veneers are very thin shells that we place over the fronts of your teeth, usually those found in your “smile zone.” 

The shells are made from materials that mimic the natural coloring of your teeth, such as porcelain or a composite.

To place the veneers, we first remove a thin layer of your enamel and then we bond the veneers into position, giving you the smile of your dreams.

Veneers — the ultimate coverup

Globally, more people are opting for dental veneers to improve their smile, and this trend is going to continue. For example, the market size of dental veneers was $1.55 billion in 2021, and experts predict that this number will jump to 2.3 billion by 2028.

There are many reasons for the growing popularity of dental veneers as they provide the ultimate cover-up for a number of different imperfections, including these five:

1. Discolored teeth

Over time, your teeth may develop stains that even our professional cleaning can’t tackle. Or, perhaps your teeth are yellowing with age. Whatever is causing the discoloration in your teeth, you feel it’s detracting from your smile. With veneers, we hide the discoloration behind pearly white shells.

2. Chipped and cracked teeth

Even if you have perfect teeth, accidents happen, and you can chip or crack your teeth. Dental veneers are a great option for hiding these small imperfections.

3. Uneven or small-looking teeth

Maybe you were born with uneven teeth, or some teeth have worn more than others over time. With dental veneers, we can create a more uniform look among your teeth, adding a little length to some to bring them into line.

4. Gaps in your teeth

If you have gaps between your teeth, we can use dental veneers to close them.

5. Misshapen or crooked teeth

If you have some teeth in your smile zone that are misshapen or crooked, the odds are good that we can camouflage these imperfections with dental veneers, making your problem teeth appear perfectly straight and normal.

As you can see, dental veneers perform a host of smile-improving duties.

If you want to figure out whether dental veneers are right for your smile goals, we invite you to contact our office in Glendora, California, at 626-226-1802. Or, you can use our online booking tool to schedule a consultation.

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